Colombia – Historic Plebiscite on Peace Process with FARC

Colombia - Historic Plebiscite on Peace Process with FARC

Bogota, Colombia – October 02, 2016: Voters check lists posted on the wall of a polling station on Carrera 9, in the Andean capital city of Bogota, in the South American country of Colombia, to vote on the historic Plebiscite on the peace process with FARC. Behind the people is part of a mural painted in the bright colours of Latin America, dedicated to the Peace Process; the word, Paz, Spanish for peace, is clearly visible. To the left is a bus stop; there are people seated, waiting for their transportation to arrive. It had rained shortly before, and part of the road is still wet. Colombians voted against the Peace Plan proposed by the government of President Juan Manuel Santos. Photo shot in the afternoon sunlight. Horizontal Format. ©Mano Chandra Dhas

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