Colombia – Historic Plebiscite on Peace Process with FARC

Colombia - Historic Plebiscite on Peace Process with FARC

Bogota, Colombia – October 02, 2016: People walk uphill in the Usaquen area, during the Plebiscite on the Peace Plan with the FARC to find their allocated table number to vote. To the right, in the area designated as Mesa or Table 35, a man can be seen at a kiosk filling out his ballot paper which he will soon deposit in one of the allocated ballot boxes. A ballot box can be seen on the table. The booths have been set up on what is normally a street. Today, it is closed for normal traffic. In the far background are the always present Andes Mountains. The people voted against the Peace Plan proposed by the government of President Juan Manuel Santos. He won the Nobel Peace prize for his efforts. Photo shot in the afternoon sunlight. Horizontal Format.©Mano Chandra Dhas

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