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Tamil Nadu – temples and more

The Tamils are insanely proud of their language and culture, which goes back about 4000 years, and more. It has been claimed that Tamil is the oldest language in the world with a written script, and said to be older than Sanskrit or Latin. The origins of the Dravidian race are also attributed to this region of India, spreading to other parts of the South, and the North East of SriLanka.

For a photographer, Tamil Nadu is a paradise of Temples – some even going back 2500 years. It is often referred to as, “Temple Country”. Among my images of this Indian State, are several temple images, as well as the famous UNESCO World Heritage site of the Pandava Rathas, in Mahabalipuram, not far from the capital city of Chennai. These five monuments carved out of single granite blocks each, are not really temples, because they were never consecrated. They are over 1300 years old.

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Tamil Nadu - Temple Country.

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