Travel Stock Photos of Kenya – East Africa

Mainly The Masai Mara

The East African country of Kenya almost always brings up in the mind of the reader, pictures of wild animals; of lions and elephants, leopards and deer.  Pictures of animals fighting to survive for the day. Tomorrow is always another day on the Great Rift Valley.  Today only the fittest survive.

Here below are some of my images from the Masai Mara.  I was not lucky to be there during the Season, but I hope my images give you an insight into life on the Mara. I managed to capture some lions and elephants too. Click here to see more of my stock photos of the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Note: Please click on any thumbnail of your choice to enlarge the image, and then click on the arrow symbol to either the left or right of the screen, to browse through the photographs. If you click on the ‘I’ below the image, you will see a description of the image on your screen. Click on the ‘I’ again to view only the photo.

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