Colombia – Beyond Bogota

A very beautiful Latin American country

Colombia, in South America, is an amazing country. The Andes Mountains, the Pacific coast, the Caribbean coast, the many small towns reflecting the Spanish colonial style of architecture, the vivid colours; the list is endless. Many a traveller has been wary of coming to Colombia. For those who dared to come, the country has been an unforgettable experience. Many people do not usually venture beyond Bogota and it’s neighbourhood, Medellin and Cartagena. Now, with the peace agreement signed with the FARC, it appears many more people will visit Colombia. This portfolio gives you a glimpse of Colombia, beyond Bogotá.

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You will find on this page, Images from Barichara, Zipaquirá and its underground Catedral de Sal, beautiful Guatavita, the halite mine of Nemocón, Subachoque and historic Villa de Leyva, where time seems to have stood still for four centuries.