Travel Stock Photos – UAE Wadis and East Coast

Mountain Wadis and the Arabian Sea Coast

On either side of the road from Dubai to the East Coast of the country (Khor Fakkan and Fujairah), it is initially, just plain desert. That is, until you get to the Hajjar (means stone, in Arabic), Mountains, which you have to cross, to get to the East Coast. Once you get to the Mountains, if you study the terrain carefully, you will spot wadis. They are dry river beds, that have been carved into the mountains, by occasional and rare flash floods (yes, they do happen, even on the Arabian Desert) over hundreds of years. The wadi will usually have a variety of trees in them: usually date palms or mango, or really, anything that will grow there. There is often water in a wadi, and sometimes, local people may even cultivate fruit and vegetables in them.

Once you cross the Mountains, after a short drive, you will see the Arabian Sea open up in front of you. The first views are enchanting. It is as if you have entered a new world. If you keep driving, you will eventually reach the relaxing, sandy beaches of Khor Fakkan.

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The Wadis

The East Coast