Stock Photos of Bogotá, Colombia

The Andean Capital

Located at an elevation of 8,660 feet above mean sea level, on the Altiplano Cundiboyacense, Bogotá is a vast city. It is Latin America’s fastest-growing city and currently has a population of about 10 Million people. That is large by any standard. There are very few cities in the world at such an altitude, with a population as large as Bogotá. It has only been possible due to the vastness and fairly flat nature of the Altiplano, a high plateau. Millions of years ago, it was a large inland sea, and what today is the high plateau, was once the sea bed.

The city was founded on 6th August 1538 as the capital city of the new Kingdom of Granada. It has many old buildings that reflect the Spanish colonial style of architecture, especially in the La Candelaria (I have a separate page for La Candelaria), area – the oldest part of the city. If you are a photographer and wish to enjoy shooting in Bogotá, here is a link to my blog post on how to shoot with care and security. Welcome to Bogotá, the city I live in, and love.

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