Travel Stock Photography by Mano Chandra Dhas

Colombia - Subachoque on the Andes
Colombia – Subachoque on the Andes

FotoVentura is the website of Mano Chandra Dhas, an Indian photographer who currently lives in Bogotá, the Andean capital city of Colombia, in Latin America. His main focus is Stock Photography He used to be based in Dubai, the most dynamic and exciting of all the Arabian Gulf cities. A happening place, where the dreams of tomorrow are given life today.

This website demonstrates the capabilities and skills of the photographer. The bulk of the photos on the site are under the tab “Destinations.” They reflect some of Mano’s travel and images he shot, that appeal to him. You can view more travel images by clicking the link to his iStock by Getty portfolio shown lower down.

Mano wishes to keep the text on the site to a minimum and let the photographs speak for themselves.

Where can you buy the stock photography images?

As an Exclusive contributor to iStock by Getty Images and Getty Images, most photos displayed here, and much more, are available for sale, on iStock by Getty (click the URL to access the portfolio), as Rights Free, and Editorial images. The prices are less expensive than you would normally imagine them to be.

Print-on-demand and Merchandise

Print-on-demand facilities and merchandise are available on FineArtAmerica (FAA). You can have photos printed on quality paper or canvas, even framed and sent directly to an address of your choice. They will make gifts that will last for years and decorate walls of homes and offices in an elegant manner.

Navigate through the site and portfolios

Do click on the URLs here, to access the portfolio on iStock or FAA. Alternatively, you could click on any one of the buttons below to directly view the photos on either iStock by Getty or FAA. The photographer is also available for select assignments in Bogotá.

Welcome to FotoVentura – a celebration of colour!