Bogota, Colombia – Casa del Florero

Bogota, Colombia - Casa del Florero

Bogota, Colombia – The Casa del Florero on Plaza Bolivar in Bogota, the capital city of the South American country of Colombia. It is from this casa, or house in English, the call for independance was made on 20th July 1810. The whole movement started from the request to borrow a vase: hence the name Casa del Florero, or House of the Vase. It is today a small museum dedicated to the independence movement. Many local Colombian people can be seen in the image; there is a slight drizzle creating the need for umbrellas. In the far background in the always present Andes Mountains. Photo shot in the afternoon sunlight, on a cloudy overcast day; horizontal format. Copy space. ©Mano Chandra Dhas

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