Guatavita on the Andes, Colombia – the main town square

Guatavita on the Andes, Colombia - the main town square

Guatavita, Colombia – Looking across the main town square in the Andean town of Guatavita in the Cundinamarca Department of the South American country of Colombia at a section of the Andes Mountains. Though completed in the 1960s, the town is designed and built in the colonial Spanish style of architecture. Situated about an hour’s drive from the capital city of Bogotá, it is located at an elevation of 8660 feet above sea level and is a popular weekend destination with both local Colombians, and tourists. On the wall is a sign indicating the Guatavita Museum; but the Museum is currently not located next to the sign. The Embalse de Tominé (the Lake), can be seen as a sliver just above the square walls. The water level is low due to the El Niño phenomenon. Photo shot in the early afternoon sunlight; horizontal format. Copy space. ©Mano Chandra Dhas

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