Rome, Italy – Classic view from Campidoglio

Rome, Italy - Classic view from Campidoglio © Mano Chandra Dhas

Imperial Rome – the famous ancient Forum viewed from Campidoglio (one of the seven hills of Rome); the classical view. Vestiges of the best of Roman architecture in ruins in their famous capital – once considered the centre of the whole civilised world. To the left are the remaining columns of the Temple of Saturn. Dating back to 497 BC and 42 BC, the ruins represent the third incarnation of the temple in 283 AD after fire destroyed the earlier temple. The gold and silver reserves of the Republic of Rome were stored in the Aerarium (Treasury) in this temple. Hundreds of tourists walk past the ruins, as they do every day; none are recognisable due to the distance. In the far background, the Colosseum can be seen. Photo shot in the afternoon sunlight; horizontal format. Copy space. © Mano Chandra Dhas

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